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Brief introduction of the copy


  To the copy, 20 suddenly ray hero copy, completely, thoroughly abandon. I have real capacity in order to see a copy of the hero kept waiting at the door dragon pillars around people called suddenly ray come to be skilled! Supposed to do? Who we are newcomers do not recruit people to be see blanket, your nose flash people! You hit the equipment, leveling cut, used when someone suddenly ray weapons trigram is, I have been using with magic weapons and small desert hero trigram level is dumped them street.

  When they stood in front of shouting the 36 Hualianhang copy of Hualianhang skilled seeking group, we already do with 161 weapons Moon Water the gossip with the newcomers too Hualianhang this the the. So if you are new, do not avoid to land reclamation, waste a lot of time you do not say, also everywhere with supercilious. In fact, before the 45 do not call this, it is slag! 36 Honglian this is absolutely necessary, and not directed at the equipment to go, but because it is the first hero of this has a very difficult, in this calcined practice-based Friends with proficiency, and here BOSS appearance rate in the subsequent 45 copies still pricey, familiar with this equivalent to do your homework later. Recommended wasteland once, over a can, no need to stare at dead brush equipment, because you have to change 43 equipped.

  The Blade soul gold BOSS mobs enlarge enhanced version, in the process of leveling, note mobs of moves, skilled technology and it should be this is king, some simple singled went single pick daily tasks many wild strange, can be singled singled out, in the process, to strengthen their own technology. Blade soul gold but who the weapons are a little more difficult, 43 before no need to go to these copies to brush the weapons, if not based friends skipped! Wild BOSS ernie weapons you use enough to brush 43 to 161 is the wasteland the four the fundamental 45 is after you become the starting point of the post master!

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