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Bots are the problem to Blade and Soul


  Bots are always the problem to a MMO game. In Blade and Soul, bots usually appear for crating items and PvP. NCsoft has banned about 40000 accounts using bots or cancelled the compensation of some instances which is main reason why players used bots.

  However, the bots become seriously since “Ultimate Evil” Weapon update into Korea server for waiting for 24 hours to farm the monster to get the crafting item. In his eyes, bots are not totally the bad things. A proper number of bots is good for the items requirement. Due to the drawback of the market in game, bots are actually regarded as “necessary evil”.

  Although there are all kinds of problems in Korea server, he is still satisfied with the recent situation and has created seven characters in an account.

  That is picture blog to attract me at the first place. I thought it was a series story of poor Lyn girl. But I was wrong. He told me that blog is a screenshots storage for his “Seductive Loli” and other interesting characters. He enjoyed taking the screenshots at the right timing or trying several times to take a perfect screenshot.

  As I mentioned, has created seven characters in Blade and Soul. Each character has a concept. To buy cheap blade & soul gold, you do not have to hesitate any more, just store up blade & soul gold, we won’t let you down.

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