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Blade & Soul Windwalking System

In Blade and Soul, there is a windwalking system which is also called Qing Gong. This is the most basic form of transportation in Blade and Soul. To see what Windwalking you have learned, you can just press ‘K’, also you can know what can be learned in the future when leveling up.

Below is based on Blade & Soul Chinese version, obviously the NA and EU version should be the same.

How Windwalking works in the game:

When in splinting mode, press ‘W’ twice to splint/run, press ‘Space’ to jump. When in the air, press ‘Space’ to fly in the air and press both ‘W’ and ‘Shift’ to dash through the air.
Press "W" twice to splint (run) , while in splinting mode, hit "Space" to jump, while in the air, hit space again to fly in the air, while in the air, either hold down W key + shift to dash through the air.

After you have learned the basic Windwalking, like Gilde, Splint, and Gilde, you can learn the subsequent complex Windwalking when you reach certain level, entering certain zones and completing certain quests. You may need some special items to complete the Windwalking quest, so check if you have them or not. If not, you can buy items from BNSGoldSell.com, which is quite cheap. Or you can buy Blade and Soul gold from BNSGoldSell.com and then buy items for your quests.

NPC in the WindWalking quest could be staying in some hidden places, like roof, cliff, or the top of a building where you can’t see them by normal ways. Therefore, you have to learned Windwalking well to get them.

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