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Blade & Soul : Useful Tips for Beginners

By so far, Blade and Soul has been published for ten days. Have you enjoyed fun in game? If you are new players of Blade & Soul, I want to give some useful tips which can help you save time upgrading and avoid consuming unnecessary Blade and Soul gold, and unexpected damage. Below are the tips for beginners!

1.Weapons and accessories can be used as upgrade materials, therefore don’t sell sell them, just keep them in case of the future use.
2.Do not waste your keys and charms on unnecessary weapons.
3.No matter you use the best weapon or your training weapon in arena PVP, you just deal the same damage.

4.Do not waste your repair tools carelessly.

5.The Salvage soul shields which you find from random mobs can drop transmutation materials,
6.When your get hard CC’d, such as stunned or knocked down, or defeated and enter fallen down state, your weapon only loses durability.
7.The only weapon you need to upgrade is Hongmoon Weapon, which you will get from your class quest in Bamboo Village.
8.Keep your Soul Shild up to date, and only replace parts when the stats are really better.
9.When you reach Jadestone, just do all of the profession gathering quests, as they can give your almost 1000 exp each and they are quite easy to be completed. With the efficient exp accumulation, you can skip more time-consuming quests early on.
10.In boss fights, you can block any any attack with a yellow indicator as long as your character is Kung-Fu Master or Blade Master.
11.When you are at Croaker Lagoon, try to kill Ploggle King Giganura a few times. Use a few spare keys to open his loot boxes until you earn a Ruby with an Amethyst with 30-50 instant HP Recovery onCrit or 30-50 Life Keech.
12.Once you get your desired professions, try to make as many crafting orders as you can reasonably afford.
13.When crafting, you are able to log out saftly without your orders cancelled.
14.Last but not the least, doing achievenments is of great importance to increase your character stats.

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