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Blade &Soul Summoner’s Talent Guide

Blade & Soul come back to us finally! This guide is about BNS Summoner which is a profession that needs the most operation in Blade and Soul. If you do want to choose Summoner as your profession, you may find it is really hard to operator but quite powerful.

Firstly, a Summoner with a pet is a real Summoner. As a Summoner, you should ensure your pet not easily get killed by bosses so you need to try your best to improve its survival ability. The follow skill point is quite suit for PVE.

Burning Fist Enhance is to increase the stacked ember. Whether you choose it or not, it depends on your habit.
Backward Roll Reflect and Backward Roll Enhance are skills that must be learned. On one hand, they can help you avoid some high damage skills; on the other hand, they can help improve Backward Roll.

Controller Reflect is a must learn skill, too. It is used to increase pet’s defense ability. If the pet is dead in the combat, the Summoner can only escape. 

Crouch Reflect is an amazing skill that can absorb aggro. Once you cast it, the nearby mobs will target the pet. It will reduce allies’ pressure.

Chi Choke Escape can improve survival ability.

Cat Glass Reflect doubles pet’s HP recover.
Drain Enhance should be learned all levels as they can used to deal with group mobs. Once I drain 7,000+ HP when facing 10 mobs.

Dandelion Seed Enhance is a controversial skill. If you are not skilled players, it can help you to reduce the fault-tolerance rate. If you are skilled players, it depends on your habit.

Foxtail Enhance is an important skill to improve Pet’s survival ability instantly as the CD becomes 3 seconds when you train this. However, I want to remind you the foxtail loses knock back ability at the same time. You will no longer lost the pet in a combat. There are two conflicted Foxtail Enhance. If you want to farm the Dungeons, just train the first one. And if you PK more, train the second one.

Hornet Enhance doubles both attack and CD. It also turns the cc into single target skill. It’s not useful to Summoner who often cc mobs. However, it’s useful in team fight.

Ivy Enhance is an extremely powerful skill as it can twine the mobs to death sometimes.

Morning Glory Enhance can reduce movement speed means which is equal to reduce your survival ability. If you are experienced Summoner, you may don’t need train it.
March Forward Enhance will reduce the pet;s mobility so you should be carefully to protect your pet during the combat if you want to train this skill.

Turning Slash Reflect can save pet’s life and help pet stand up when be knocked down. It’s also a cc, and can increase level up speed.

Above skills are suitable for Summoner PVE. Hope this can be helpful. If you want to buy Blade and Soul Gold, BNSGoldSell has nine years of mmo gold selling!

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