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Blade & Soul Soul Fighter Overview

With the releasing of Soul Fighting, I want to introduce this new class to Blade & Soul players. Soul Fighter brings a deadly combination of frost and earth abilities to slow and crush their enemies.

The Soul Fighter Master Overview

The Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class for Blade & Soul. With the Kung Fu Master’s reactive and reflexive moves, Soul Fighter merges the Frost control abilities of the Force Master. An associated stance ties to each set of skills, like Elemental of Kung Fu - switching between stances is done manually. The Soul Fighter can take dedication and finesse to master, which is not as complex as Kung Fu Master.

Elemental Stance has more range-based skills with longer cooldowns as a tradeoff. When stacking multiple abilities onto hapless enemies, the strength of this stance an be seen and it can prevent their escape.

Kung Fu Stance is the primary default stance. Soul Fighter stance works best when you can fully react to your enemies’ moves. It boasts the most number of dashes, counters and invulnerability skills of any other class in Blade and Soul. And use of these defensive maneuvers can trigger more powerful abilities to be used.

Soul Fighter in Play

The main job for Soul Fighter is to deal two types of damage: Frost and Earth. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with selection of the right items. In the long run, building a focus around one of these damage types is quite beneficial since you need to run the endgame dungeons.

For solo play and questing, using Kung Fu stance for the powerful and quick responses to enemy attacks is much easier. When the crowd control abilities are required, then switch only to Elemental Stance.

For party play, Soul Fighter needs to juggle both stances to maximize their contribution. Soul Fighter can’t generate additional threat. However, with the defensive abilities, they can perfectly suit to solo lesser monsters, while keep their party members focusing on taking down the boss.

In Arena PvP, the Soul Fighter is blessed with choice, as a competent player can choose to focus on either stance to compete. A skilled Soul Fighter player will determine which stance will be the most suitable for both their opponent’s class, and when it will be advantageous to turn the tide of battle.

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