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Blade & Soul Pet & Infinite Tower Comments

NCSoft will be discussing pets, and have a race to see who can make if the farthest in Infinite Tower in this weekly Livestream. I want to share of my opinions about Blade and Soul pet.

Blade and Soul Gold

Three requests that will help a lot of people.

1. Even if you have hide other characters enabled, other characters will still be loaded, just not shown, please change it so they aren't loaded when that is enabled. I find this game is terrible when loading assets, and will hit disconnect errors constantly when for instance trying to do one of the lower level heroic dungeons through the cross-server dungeon when it is a daily challenge dungeon, but will have no problems when it is not. This seems to be due to the client just not being able to deal with all the characters entering, and leaving the zone steady when you don't have lightning fast loading times.

2. Understand that people in this market tend to value the individual, over the community, while in various Asian countries, it has traditionally been the reverse. This is why we seem to have so many community related issues in this version, that may not have existed to at least the same extent in the Korean, and Japanese versions. Making adjustments like solo versions of dungeons so we don't need to suffer under rushers, or other toxic players, and other ways to get things like soulstones would really help. As it is now, far too many only care about themselves, with some actively making things more difficult for other players, even when they are in the same team doing a dungeon, yet so much of the content in time requires we deal with other people.

3.Adjust the game so it's less bot friendly. Leveling up our equipment to the breakthrough, and evolution stages is easier than leveling up our characters, but getting through those breakthrough, and evolution stages can be a huge problem, and the rapid rate of content releases makes that problem worse. People trying to keep up then end up using RMT so they can get through those stages.

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Just switch it around so leveling our equipment takes more doing, fodder equipment, gems, and powder are all account bound on pickup, and breakthrough/evolution stages require a small percentage of the resources they do now. Being able to at least slowly chip away at equipment leveling lets you see continual progress, just as with character leveling, while the current state where we're stuck at a given stage due to the extreme cost is just demoralizing. With equipment leveling being more an activity you do yourself, not one you can buy your way through, RMT/botters would have less value.

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