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Blade & Soul News: Weapon Path & Gem Hammer Changes

Since lots of feedback on weapon upgrade paths and costs about Blade & Soul was collected to NCsoft, some changes have been made to improve it.

Weapon Upgrade Paths

Now, there are two paths for players to take when upgrading weapons, which are the so-called Moonwater Plains and Silverfrost Mountains. On June 1, the final tiers of Moonwater Plains - the Pirate and Siren weapon paths- will be retired, and all weapons on those paths will be diverted to Silverfrost Mountians path at the next evolution.

Specifically, True Siren will only can progress to True Oathbreaker and True Profane will only can progress to Oathbreaker. The path from True Pirate will stay unchanged and can only progress to True Breeze.

The reason for this change is that you can reduce the upgrade costs with a new item - Nebula Weapon Upgrade Stone in the upcoming in-game event. These stones can reduce the amount of materials and Blade and Soul gold for weapon upgrades compared to an Evolution weapon, and it can nearly reduce the cost by 10-40%.

It is a good time to retire the old paths, get into more of the content and upgrade faster with the weapon upgrade discount provided by the Nebula Weapon Upgrade Stones.

If you’ve been collecting Pirate Emblems and other upgrade materials for the Moonwater Plains weapon path, you have until June 1 to choose this path.

Gem Hammers and Gem Sockets

Since players complained they had occasionally lost their gem sockets that they unlocked with Gem Hammers when they upgraded their weapon to the Silverfrost Mountains path. To improve this, from May 11, any gem sockets opened with Gem Hammers on your weapon will no longer rest when transitioning from the Moonwater Plains weapon progression path to the Silverfrost Mountains weapon progression path. Also, you still have the chance to get additional gem sockets beyond the ones you have unlocked.

Besides, unifying costs for all Silver frost Mountains and Moonwater weapon paths, and the number of Gem Hammers needed to unlock extra gem sockets are made changes.

Below are the number of Gem Hammers required for each path and socket number:

To cover the potential loss of gem sockets when upgrading to Silverfrost, more Gem Hammers have been distributed to those who were affected. And another distribution of 4 Gem Hammers to those who affected with the May 11 maintenance.

All in all, NCsoft has made their great efforts to make this game more satisfaction with players and is willing to make compensation to the players who suffer loss in game.

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