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Blade & Soul Guide:Level 1 to 45 Part One

This is a guide for EU/NA players to upgrade from level 1 - level 45 in Blade & Soul. I accepted the daily for the plague while I was turning in the purple quests in Jadestone.

At the very beginning, you start from Jadestone and go along with the main story quest. Below are what I do in Jadestone for your reference. If you want to buy cheap Blade & Soul Gold, BNSGoldSell is your best choice with lowest price and fast delivery.

1. Join Soul Wardens as they are right at the entrance.
2. Join Stonecutters right at the entrance
3. Join Woodcutters, completed the basic quest, turned it in, quit woodcutters guild
4. Join fishing.
5. Complete the fishing and Stonecutter quests in the North side of the village, turn them in, and quit the two guilds.
6. Join Greenthumbs and prospectors, and accept their quests
7. Join merry potters if you run out of the village for the first time along the south path, as merry potters is along the way.
8. Gather Greenthumbs and prospectors material while doing the yellow quest on the east side of the zone, then do the dungeon quest, and return to Jadestone village
9. I turn in Greenthumbs and Prospectors, leave the guilds, and join trapping and herbs
10. I complete trapping and herbs as I leave the zone to complete the main quests
11. I turned in trapping and herbs when I returned to Jadestone after doing the shadow event in Jadestone, at which point I quit trapping and herb and rejoined woodcutting and Greenthumbs as those are what you want in order to level merry potters and soulwardens

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