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Blade & Soul guide: How to Farm 135 Blade and Soul Gold in an hour

This is a guide to tell you how to make hundreds of Blade and Soul gold within an hour in blade & Soul.

I can get 580 gold in about 4 hours and breaks down to the 135 hour in an hour. From my experience, farming right stone ruins. Its RNG only to a certain point because you will get the drop eventually. So I was looking at my guide for farming Bringhtstone ruins and how else can I farm more tears and maybe more efficient. Let’s try scary and tunnels because I remember screen tunnels clearing to the first two bosses. They are really really very easy here in the trash. However, I discovered soon afterwards at the final boss is a kind of bitch. I spent average about nine minutes running, which is about 1 minuter longer than Brightstone ruins. So it comes to raw you. However, in these runs end getting a drop called the radiant ring Moonwater addendum. And that addendum is the recipe for the plus 35 8p diamond which everybody wants. I don’t know it dropped here. To be honest, I had no idea what I was looking for. I came here just trying to find more tears and it dropped. I checked the market and there is ZERO on the market at the time! If you craft the gym even if you don’t open the pouch, you saw the pouch individually usually make about 20-25 Blade and Soul gold profit just by selling the pouch.

If you are able to get the PHM, you are looking at almost for her gold profit that gym is worth a lot. So I am thinking maybe somebody would spend a lot of Blade and Soul gold on this recipe. So I put up for an unreasonable man up and over 500 gold. Let’s take up to 48 hours, it doesn’t sell get a little sad. I will put it up for like 150. I know it should sell pretty quickly for her if you do to our gold because there is no in the market and that’s such a valuable recipe. It was sold while I was sleeping. I probably in some form. I did this run for about 4 hour.

Aside from the final bosses, this place is actually much easier and much more fun to farm the ruins. But the final boss, all he does is just CC. You will grip you. He will knock you down and knock you up. You can always make your like a living. Farming this place is not quite as opportune and get the recipe drops. If I spend 10 hours farming this, and I only get one recipe. That till breaks down to almost set 70 -80 gold an hour.

For details, just watch the below video!

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