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Blade & Soul Guide: Dodge Skills

When arriving at the bartender’s door, 4/6 men group Poharan burn to death in advance by teammates.

If you want to go on fighting, you should have a resurrected character. It is not necessary to worry about the fire will will burn you. What you need to do is to slowly rotate the view and make the character’s back towards the door before SS. Then you successfully pass through the firewall with your teammates.

Since Force Master has a range of 12 meters, he can freely enter the firewall without any damage.

Tip on the Continuous Trigger of Dodge and Passive Block

There are many combos like Junghado’s Take Flight, Blade Master’s Five Point Strike, etc in Blade & Soul. These skills have several multiple attacks, but they all are considered as one skill. If you are lucky enough to trigger block or dodge at the first attack, then the subsequent attacks will be offset by this effect, which is a system set.

Here I want to share the priorities of trigger in different circumstances. Ranking from high to low, it goes like foremost trigger perfect parry> General Block> Block by Block slow red> dodge parry= passive block.

Blade Master is not only good at sub-block, it has perfect parry. Occasionally, if monster attacks you, you slowly block and red word comes out. Similar to bock value, passive automatic block is not high defense block, but may suffer injuries as you block caused by slow.

By the middle of this block [Block] slow red need to explain. Therefore, in accordance with the priority of the above, Blade Master is not affected dodge property, who said he was the perfect parry miss out players, the block must be slow, and this hurt the bear attacks are miss out.

Therefore, Blade Master doesn't have to consider the impact of dodge. There is no need to get 0 dodge.

Dodge and Block Attribute
When you faces front of the attack, the dodge and block attribute can perfectly work well. Basically block and dodge will not be used with his back to the attack.

Hope this guide can be helpful for your dodge skills. To buy cheap Blade and Soul gold, BNSGoldSell is your best choice with lowest price and professional service!

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