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Blade & Soul Guide : Basic Marauder/Warrior Tanking

If you want to lead the way in dungeon, you need to be good tankers. Since you are the first player that enemies see, you are the first person to attack or be spotted by monsters, but you can gain some enmity on all of them.

Besides, good tanking can determine how much to pull at once and position the fight. When you need to pull enemies away from others or patrolling monsters to ensure your party isn’t overwhelmed. And you can keep enemy AOEs away from the rest of your party.

You do this by running to the other side of the enemies:
(party >) (you >) (<enemies)

When you pull, you run to the other side of the enemies so that:
(party >) (enemies >) (< you)

What’ more, good tanking can make you dodge any damage that you don’t have to take. Move out when you see the orange AOE. Then move back to the same sport you were in before as soon a it disappears. This can protect you from monsters’ moving or turning to follow you, which make attacking easier for Lancers and Pugilists.

Meeting These Expectations as a Low-Level Marauder

When you run up to a set of enemies, they notice you and begin to attack you, then Face Pulling. Face pulling is not good as you have to attack also. Pick your primary target, and kill the enemy you want to the party to focus on. As soon as you are in range, use Tomahawk. A Tomahawk is an attack, you will get noticed by enemies that will approach you. Run through them and turn around, then use Overpower. Make sure the enemies in your range and Overpower twice as they will be in a cone in front of you and facing away from your party.

Then, if you want to build enmity on your primary target - the one you Tomahawked, the set of your party should focus on their attacks on. Your enmity-building combo is Heavy Swing > Skull Sunder (and after level 30, > Butcher's Block). These skills must be used in order, or you won't get the enmity bonus. You can use Overpower to ensure you don’t lose enmity on the other enemies every 2 or 3 combos. Also, you can use Flash and TP management.

Then overpowering may not be enough on tougher fights. It is suggested switching targets between attacks. You can see your party enmity bars and decide whether you need attack this enemy again yet.

There will be a boss monster in the beginning of the fight on most boss fight. You don’t need use overpower if only one target there. Just use Tomahawk, turn the boss around, and use your Heavy Swing > Skull Sunder ( > Butcher's Block) combo. If adds (extra enemies) show up, you may need to "pick them up." You will do this by switching targets and using Tomahawk or your enmity combo or, if there are several clumped up, Overpower. Sometimes, however, the boss will have dangerous frontal swing or cone attacks. In those cases, usually the DPS will need to kill the adds, because if you run toward them, you will turn the boss toward your allies. Always be aware of your positioning!

Hope this guide can be helpful for you!

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