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Blade & Soul Dungeon - Pirate Ship of Silence Final Boss

This is a guide for Blade & Soul new heroic dungeon - Pirate Ship of Silence.

Normal Attack Mode

Sometimes, the boss’s attack order varies based on changes in the battlefield. A player parry skill blocks the collision, and a main Tank hods the position after collision. A double stun should recover after the collision. And a class has remote resistance skill, for instance, Summoner’s Petal Storm or Force Master’s Divine Veil.
Blade and Soul gold
● 4-player mode → 90%
After opening the general attack to 90%, boss will appear and move towards the four coners of the court in which a throw turbidity and throw him to move in the direction. At this time, the court will be covered with black turbidity, only a security zone is at the Boss corner direction.

If turbidity stepped body have the effect of turbidity, turbidity effects of poisoning effect will be deducted from the blood over time. Then the boss cast a single skip to main aggro. Stand on the middle of the security zone and hate!

The boss will use resistance skills and continue to use general attack mode. If you have to leave the secure area during the resistance, you should go back to security zone as soon as possible. In addition, boss-rotating cast moves in a safe area, and pay high attention to avoiding long range career.

● 90 → 80%
80% Spiked Process: throw turbidity spikes → triple jump toward the sidelines fly past four spikes shot → Linear crash recovery and mouth gun → skeleton thorn explosion

● 70% - 60%
Single-hop turbidity action will be repeated this time of 90%

● 60% - 50%
This time will be repeated spikes of 80% of Triple Jump Action

● 50% - 40%
Single-hop turbidity action will be repeated this time of 90%

● 40% or less
When it comes to 40%, it starts to enter the loop stage of Triple Jump Spikes process. No single-hop turbidity will repeat the process.

When the team output is too high, it will skip the original cast directly into the flow of the total flow. Another fast output is the case that the resistance groups spikes triple jump skills CD too late. At the beginning of the first open Boss triple jump, players can be assigned when firstly requested not to enter the security zone in the region of turbidity after the first jump back block security area to facilitate group insurance skills CD replies.

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