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Blade & Soul Assassin Solo Suwa Palace Guide

Assassin is a class in Blade & Soul, there are easy dungeons for Assassins. This guide is to show you how to farm Suwa Place. As long as you follow up my steps, it is easy to earn hundreds of Blade and Soul gold in a day.

Look at the below picture, there are the talent, panel stats and weapon stats. The weapon inserts a gem with +19 attacks, +dodge rate to regenerate 380 HP. If you can’t afford to buy the gem with + 19 attack, you can buy one with + 15 attack. The effect has little difference. All the accessories can add damage, critical hit, block and attack.

Blade and Soul gold

Then I want to teach you a skill build to maintain sustained crit hit.

If you have learned all the levels of Shadow Slash with Assassin’s fast attack speed, it is easily to stack to 5 quickly. And you will have 8-9 fury. Cast Invisible, and then Quake Grenade. If you don’t own Quake Grenade, just hit the monster with continuous right click. Stack 5 poison on the monster: usually you stack 1 poison with 3 continuous left clicks. Over 2000 damage can be dealt with a crit and just right clicks when invisible are instant. Every time it costs 3 fury and then you can start to cast Spine Stab.

Assassin can run to boss and hit it when invisible in Suwa Palace. Then train Wood Block. The dodge rate increases to 99% in 2 seconds’ invisible. Therefore, at the first two seconds, you are easy to get attacked. Refer to below picture to know the usage of the gem that can regenerate HP and add dodge.

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You will have enough time to be visible before the boss summons gunner to attack you in which case the gunner can’t deal damage to you.

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