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Blade and Soul weapons systematic analysis of how to use a suitable weapon


  The weapon is used to display martial arts equipment, a total of six kinds of vocational weapons. Players can not equip other occupation weapons, martial arts can not be used in the state is not equipped with weapons. The different weapons grade has inherent weapons durability, gems can be attached to the weapon special abilities.


  Weapons and other equipment, and is divided into five levels. From general to legend, the level of props can be color-coded. Even the same level of weapons, the higher the level, the better the ability to value. Supreme above the weapons included with the special effects.

  Lift the seal

  The gem slot only other seal lifted before they can determine. The leader drop or copy of the reward weapons in part to obtain a seal equipment. Seal props must lift the seal, can be equipped with weapons-grade solution corresponding printed character. Different weapons-grade solution required to lift the seal printed character can view the following link.

  (Seal equipment or the seal lifting equipment as attribution can not be traded)

  Weapons refining

  Weapons smelting is installed in a different form and color with gem slots weapons gem. The gem slot up randomly generate weapons grade 4. Gem and socket to the same form can only be installed, and install the gems according to demand freedom to remove. The gem of the same material can only be installed one.

  Weapons binding

  By big wheel weapons non-tradable

  It’s not the same vesting conditions based on the level of weapons and start construct. Weapons installed more senior non-tradable, and thus decided to vest or not. Weapons can not be traded in the installation can be trading with other players, but installing the non-tradable. Most of the non-trading weapons are boss blame falling weapons to start with the state seal, so Blade and Soul gold want to use with the weapons-grade seal lifted spell in order to lift the seal.


  Durability gradually spend, then the bottom of the right side of the screen will appear durability icon. Durability will reduce the use of weapons or exhaustion and death state. Durability is slightly different depending on the weapons, durability to 0, then you can not use martial arts. But Blade and Soul gold can help restore durability arms merchants in each village, or to durability to repair props recovery around the campfire. As a reference, durability 0, then even in combat can also be exchanged for other weapons.


  Weapons production needs of decomposition can be obtained by the decomposition products and gems

  Do not use weapons and can use the decomposition to obtain weapons production material. As long as the decomposition of the weapons can be extracted to the decomposition of the same material and weapons, and the higher level weapons can extract more decomposition. Seal the weapons can not be decomposed weapons gem slot, additional low probability to obtain the same slot gem.

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