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Blade and Soul swordsman single brush ice house boss method


  To the ice warehouse, there are in total of two BOSS, a hidden BOSS, one other one is at the door, and falls is a necklace at the door and the black dragon box! It’s legend weapon props, so hit the boss at the door is fine.

  The boss has more than 3.6 million blood, can say blood is rather thick, and what skills and bloody shark port 2 red dragon ghost is not much difference, just more than a frozen world, frozen more than ten seconds, the player was frozen boss hit you wouldn’t drop of blood, so you don’t have to care about it very much.

  Swordsman want to single this boss, actually is the same with other single brush boss , keep good five layer of the bleeding. But should pay attention to the boss in two stages, one is violent stage, is a wild stage.

  In against the wall as far as possible when you are driving a monster, so as not to out of the plane, sometimes monster will break in the middle of the plane, very boring.

  All optional output when not violent phase, guarantee 5 layer bleeding, boss put in his hands to skills, interrupted by using double weak skill.

  When the players cannot use double weak skills interrupt boss, means that entered the stage of rage when the BOSS in the turbulent phase and are similar to nymphs, jump three times and then at once, so cycle.

  When boss insert to use SS + sprint management time, delay is not very high under the condition of basically sprint can use sword out of 5 times in the past, this time just jump, use E avoiding damage to LB, god again, use Q, draw out a sword, god again, E then LB, then is his hands, and the SS + sprint, it’s back to the first cycle.

  Is using qq or in the heaven of E hid BOSS didn’t how much of a problem, mainly is for his own internal force hold good. And don’t cry because it is in a hurry and forgot to output superposition of bleeding. Here is my gift graph when single brush.

  With good skill recommendation and top weapon form Blade and Soul gold, any boss is easy for you to deal with,

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