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Blade and Soul swordsman single brush birds fall hall


  This copy is suitable for 33-38 to brush, after eating soup of experience, each monsters experience is 102, a total of 10 melee monsters, a remote monster. Changed the level 36 mahatma weapons to brush the bird’s nest will get more experience and be more relaxed.

  If you don’t have the mahatma weapon, you can buy from us directly, or you can buy some Blade soul gold to get one in the auction house. No matter how, we will be glad to provide you.

  In less than 2 minutes, 1122 experience, equivalent to 2 minutes to hand over one task experience.

  Because the melee monster here will kick break proof, so that set of block + sand hole don’t work for the full moon, and we need some skills to brush the outbreak is high.

  Core talent 1: Raleigh cut, is skill 4 points using this skill will improve crit rate + 10% crit gift for 3 seconds.

  Core talent 2: flash, points to the first row and damage, broke out on it. Because of the Raleigh chop + crit talents support, so easy to three flash, and this talent can cause additional damage to fall on the ground of the enemy.

  Core talent 3: under section cut, can let the blame fall on the ground to provide output environment, also can enjoy the gift of a flash of damage.

  Practices: running, finish pull 10 melee blame to the position of the video block poly monster, don’t block too long, or melee monsters will kick to break.

  When the monsters are gather together then use the paragraph to cut them down, and then the Raleigh + flash * 1-3, the rest of the harvest casually with what skills, recommended five even beheaded, released an unbeatable, Q. A bit like easy to master. Then X even fight, if the monsters still not dead, draw out a sword to finish it.

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