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Blade and Soul status quo analysis is about to open a new grade


  NC company on February 27 this year’s new joined the magic weapon, this weapon does not require players to kill asura shadow or not with god to maze can obtain maximum 280 attack weapons, can say very terrible, although difficult, but overall still promoted the equipment level of players.

  And before updating a magic weapon, NC company has started to weaken the copy, artillery, the endless sea and even the most difficult spiral labyrinth have different degrees of weakening, the office also want to let more players to enter the high copy, rather than continue stay at 24 people storm sea snakes and dark color in the harbor base.

  And the number of players is Blade and Soul on the present situation of the loss, NC company will make some actions to prevent the loss of players? Actually, from the above performance of NCS is nothing but want you to have equipment to promote. But if long-term keep so, players lost will be more serious!

  We all know htat the spirit swordsman, asura tower, the color in the fishing port, play games or something is in 45 level when open, and 45 more levels of the section, has been open for almost a year (Blade and Soul is in the public beta of June 21, 2012), it’s time to raise the highest level!

  After read this, what do you think of the game now? In fact, I like this game very much, so I will buy more blade & soul gold to help me follow the main trend.

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