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Blade and Soul Solo Farming gold Guide

This video is to teach you how to farm 60-70 Blade and Soul gold within an hour. You can try to complete the dynamic quest - Bringing Home the Bacon, and you can get a fair number of rewards from it!

This quest is acquired automatically upon entering the Hogshead Halmet instance.

Dungeon Entrance location:

Moonwater Plains-->Hogshead Pastures--->Hogshead Hamlet

Quest Progess:

Kill Chief Hogdonny and loot the stuff that drops from its dead body. It is a dungeon boss. you must clear the dungeon shown below.

Dungeon Boss location:

Moonwater Plains-->Hogshead Pastures---> The Pigsty

Watch the below video for you to know how to complete this dynamic quest!

After completing the previous portion of the quest, hold down the Alt key and click the quest, in your quest log, to complete it and have the rewards instantly delivered to you.

You can receive the follow rewards:
350 Exp.
Locked Razortusk Weapon Chest, Hogdonny Ring, Stylish Fragment Pouch, Gem Hammer, Locked Cold Iron Offering Weapon Chest, Forgotten Brightstone Soul Shield (random slick 1-8), Hogdonny Defense Soul Shield (random slick 1-8), Volcano Offering Earring, Volcano Offering Necklace, Volcano Offering Ring.

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