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Blade and Soul secondary profession of the trigrams sect


  1) The cost of trigrams is not very high, but need spirit stones to produce synthetic stones;

  2) Not because of the 8 has high properties but synthetic card are the same only 8;

  3) Synthesis of brand attributes is random

  4) Purple trigrams can not be trade

  As to why for technical otaku, because the back of the brand is purple, make the deal, a pit of one thing, the current version is only one brand needs 171 crit material card.

  The one can trade on the market of crit is 168, highest ban trading only 4 points higher, there will be for the sake of more than 4 crit too is even one door in the body.

  Don’t know the new grade will come out brand is can’t deal, if it is, that all people have to practice the deputy to, if not, then the deputy will only belongs to the technical otaku.

  Even though it can not be trade, but you can use Blade and Soul gold to the materials you need, and the make it yourself, it can also you a lot of time.

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