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Blade and Soul secondary profession introduction of the flavor door


  Flavor door a lot of people don’t know what it for, in plain is cooking. Various of back medicine, medicine with a BUFF.

  And experience soup, perhaps, I really mind smoke want to use the flavor door to hold the stomach of my man, practice to level with the later I really found the unlimited business opportunities!

  Initially thought it was lack of crit, make a pile of crit Wolf meat steamed stuffed bun almost unsalable. Later I found out that the real market with defense and health of the steamed stuffed bun. Period of highest and best selling prices generally appear in 2 ~ 5 PM, and 10 PM ~ 12 AM, why? I don’t know, maybe it’s time to clear the asura town.

  in the end, the flavor door of the less popular due to the layman to the deputy of misunderstanding, because of side quests send green crit food, make a lot of people think flavor food BUFF door will disappear after death, and did not even learned the deputy, learning actually blue above qualities of food (including experience potion) is completely need not worry about this problem. Death and rolled off the production line will not disappear.

  Do not look down on the secondary profession, it can bring you lots of money and help your to get the items can not be trade. Anyway, if you are in need of blade & soul gold, tell us.

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