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Blade and Soul PVP System & PVP Dobok

Firstly, you should know what is PVP Dobok. In Blade & Soul, players can go into different factions by donning different Doboks. The PVP system is to connect to the Dobok players wearing.

In general, if you don’t wear a different PVP Dobok, you can’t attack players in Blade and Soul. In most cases, the function of BnS costume is limited to decoration, while PVP costume is an exception. When players wear different PVP Doboks, they will be in different factions.

If two players wear Doboks of opposite factions, the can attack each other whether in town or in field. While players in normal costume can’t attack players in Doboks, and vice verse. Only both of them wear PVP Doboks, can they attack each other.

Note: PVP Doboks are not allowed to abandon or trade, but players can equip any time.

If you don’t want to attack other players, just wear the neutral clothing so that you will not be forced to join PK, and vice verse. Just complete the quests and enjoy playing the game. To enhance attack ability, you can buy weapons with Blade & Soul gold.

For example: If player A wears Dobok of one school and player B wear Dobok of another school, then they can join PK freely, either in field, in town or in dungeon.

Players can don PVP Doboks at any time while gaming and attack. Here I am kindly to remind that players are not allowed to take off PVP clothing while you are in combat.

PVP Doboks are also related to NPC. NPCs in some ares are in PVP Doboks. If players wear normal clothing or don PVP Doboks of the same faction with NPC, they can communicate with each as as usual. Similarly, if you wear PVP Doboks of the of the opposite faction, you can atack the NPC, too.

Therefore, if you go back town, you’d better change to normal clothing in case of unexpected attack!

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