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Blade and Soul original club and share inspiration with players


  Blade and Soul original club is a professional team to share game, with original comic, hand, video and so on. Through the media, network, magazines and other channels to share the feeling of play and create with the general players.

  Blade and Soul original club though the works are from grass-roots players, but its expression, creativity and production of fine degree are close to the professional level, the more highlights the characteristics of Blade and Soul, share the professional game platform to build model for other games.

  Diversified types, comic, video and garage kit from soup to nuts

  Blade and Soul original club recruit folk original power, will show his work to share with you. Enthusiastic players play their creativity, cartoon creation including the characters, tasks, video, pottery hand, emoticons, and other forms. Diversified forms from the angles such as view, hear, touch, show the author’s ideas, to express love for Blade and Soul.

  Works well made level can be called professional

  Although, author of the original club come from folk, but the quality of the production of a professional level. Comic style diverse, covering Europe, America, Japan and South Korea variety of style, elegant and composition, brushwork vividly; pottery hand do fine carver, clear lines, each character model is lifelike.

  Original club works show the author’s ideas at the same time, more players with the enjoyment of art.

  Anticipated Blade and Soul original club continue to bring professional, diverse works, for players to experience fun together.

  I’m sure Blade and Soul will be more and more popular, so if you want to take a place in the game, you’d better to get ready for it at advance. To book some Blade soul gold form us for preparation at first.

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