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Blade and Soul new interface screenshots released


  UP + 2013 annual conference will be held on April 18, according to the insiders, as most looking forward to your work will also at the scene, Blade and Soul officially closed.

  What worth you waiting for, the clever and closed beta will open tournament system, in the duration field, a fair fight until one of the two sides will all die.

  Tournament game rules 1 v1 in individual events will be divided into personal strength and test teamwork 3 v3 team competition, 1 v1 and 3 v3 each have one rank level, victory and defeat will affect the rank score, which is measure of a ratio level.

  At the same time, when the player level 4 class above to get into a ratio, low level players will get properties BUFF, and balance of high-level players, give full consideration to the overall balance and the strength distribution ratio.

  In addition, the game will open arms tower for players to challenge the god, god tower is divided into layers, each layer has a powerful BOSS is in, only down with the BOSS, to achieve promotion challenge the next layer of qualification, the higher floors, the greater the difficulty. It is said that the legendary martial god is hidden in the top of the tower.

  We have wait for such a long time, and such kind of news really make us exciting. However, if you want to take a place at the beginning of the game, you’d better buy some Blade soul gold in advance.

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