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Blade and soul how to make money before 30 raiders share


  Players ever played Blade and Soul gold may feel that in the game, money is not easy to get and over 10 to 20 still little money, but few accidentally brush a copy, you are in need of an equipment, unfortunately meet someone keep against you, kept bidding are not careful, his money will be gone, and in the end how to become a rich?

  There are a variety of different monsters, destroy different monsters for experience and money in Blade and Soul gold is not the same, monster high experience and high monetary returns allows players faster upgrades, faster access to more and more money, very simple, so do not be too tangled, more than 10 of the pre-20 in fact, mainly along with the task, the monster out of gold, its a waste of time to brush so little money, not as good as at ease sleep, and so tomorrow become the nouveau riche! Ok, secure in early to do the task! About 25 brush copy the gas hole, here experience comes and point out the equipment-for-money money is still very impressive, has been to 29, this time you can choose to go to the big desert a copy of the yellow wind tunnel, which is 27 monsters, no skills, no control, Assassin, force master, swordsman group brush, a copy of about three minutes, around about 1000 experience in and out of a copy of , if feeling tired from yellow wind tunnel into a sand hole into the two hole is a copy of the one cited half to the middle rounds and then swarm out, this allows you a copy reaches 30, a group of teammates, hours about 60 silver or so plus other materials about 1gold.

  As for the after 30, where money and more, please pay attention to our site! Later offer for everyone!

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