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Blade and Soul half lock and no lock mode intruduction


  What’s the difference between no lock mode and half lock mode in the games? In Blade and Soul, there are also skills that are half lock or no lock mode, you players can come and have a look at it.

  Blade and Soul half lock game and no lock, both have aimed at the ground the AOE skills, this is not locked. But what’s the difference?

  No lock games such as copy of c9 can attack skills in any place, no target can also set out skills. Locking and half lock doesn’t work, you can’t set out skills like so.

  Because when you send skills is actually the locked target, rather than random skills.

  In other words, that is CS is lock-free game, actually to CS to add a plugin is locked at the game. I see from the c9, changed slightly, hope this can help the novice like me.

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