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Blade and Soul Guide : World PvP in PVP System

In Blade and Soul, if you want to know how well you have mastered skills, you can come close to the ultimate experience of the Arena. You can enter the Arena and compete against others to test your skills in World PvP equipped with a Faction uniform.

In Blade and Soul, you can choose to join either the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion, which are in the Earthly Realm. These two factions regularly fight against each other because of the great difference in philosophies.

In the open World PvP areas, you can kill enemy NPC or complete some objectives to gain PvP points. But you have to run back to base to turn in. The more points you hoard up before you turn in, the better rewards you will get. However, if you get killed before you turn in, the player who killed will take all of your point and Blade and Soul gold, which is the biggest incentive for players to kill others during the open World PvP.

Once you have chosen to join a faction, you will be given a faction uniform. In order to join the World PvP, you must equip it and do daily faction quests or use a faction Windstride port.

If you want to join the World PvP, you should open the map and look for faction symbols and reach there with a faction uniform on. In some version of Blade and Soul, there are large scale PvP contests for players to joining a mega instance and competing in a much more heated battle. However, these big guilds end up monopolizing these trades and trading winners with each other.

You can get resource from world PvP, like Soul stone and Moon stone, which can be used in crafting and upgrading gear. Therefore, if you need these valuable resource, you can join World PvP, or you have to buy from store. It is kindly remind you that it is not allowed to turn off PvP while doing these quests or your progress is reset to zero. Therefore, you need commit until you are done when you start doing the quest.

There is a big difference between being a world fighter and an Arena combatant. World PvP puts you in a faction where you can join a group with different characters to share the same philosophy as yours. While Arena PvP allow you indulge in solo combat that will make a masterful martial artist out of you.

You should dress you up in your chosen faction’s costume and do the regular faction quests no matter you are a member of Cerulean or the Crimson Legion.

Considering what you want to accomplish, you make a decision to join world pvp or Arena. A common goal of these two PvP is to be merited with actual rewards which can be used to beef up your skills for you completing other quests. You’d better join the world PvP when you reach a high level as you have mastered skills well and upgraded weapons.

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