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Blade and Soul Guide: Warlock PvP Tactics, Skills and DPS Analysis

Many players choose Warlock as their Blade & Soul class, and I want to use this guide to analysis Warlock PvP tactics, skills and DPS.

Warlock vs. Assassin

Assassin use high-end office and all mine ice to freeze player. They hang opponents in the air and kill them. The best choice is 1-second invincible block and ignoring the defense is Wingstorm. In order to break out the Assassin’s Tether Blade, floating Soul Shackle, Dizziness Leech and Dragoncall, these are stealth. It works better by using Dragoncall to fight against Assassin.

When dealing with Warlock, Assassin has to run in high-end. Warlock should make full use of the hands of the anti-break skills, if Warlock want to win. Since Assassin eat a remote defenseless player, it uses ice mine to kill the player or empty net to kill the player. Assassin need a good sense and don’t vent imprison. Invincible upper hand to escape Ray Assassin ice, and floating Assassin predict in advance. Make good use of them and imprison Leech to suppress Assassin of f since these skills disregard Assassin positive 1 dodge.

Warlock should make full use of their block and pressing Wingstorm skills when battling Assassin. It is not suggested to play Assassin stealth pursued. Assassin Decoy and Lotus Fury skills can pull eight meters away from the strong play which will hurt. When you can instantly turn the camera 90 degrees to predict Assassin stealth position by pressing with the skills of Assassin and play hurt, Q scored Assassin. All in all, when fighting against Assassin, you should not hurry up. Even if you lost HP, you have chances to win.
Blade and Soul Gold

Warlock vs. Destroyer

Destroyers use 24 seconds invincible stone shield and Persistence to deal with an enhanced consumption and stamina. Being the invincible 1-second parry is the best choice for Warlock with knockdown Tether Blade, control-free Sanctum, dizziness and floating Soul Shackle. Get started with SS, parrying Drag or Blitz before releasing knockdown Tether Blade, dizziness Leech. Since Imprison is mainly used to deal with Stone Shield, it is used less.

Remember to use the array before using the spell. Use Wingstorm to fight Destroyer, if he releases damage with dizziness in the array. Press 1 to stand up if it is the repel. There will not be 1 parry with resistance. Therefore this array is suggested to insert it in the corner. E key is used to accelerate and get rid of dizziness red wind. The parry should be briefly blocked. It is fatal if Destroyer’s Ram + Knee hits Warlock.

Persistence of Destroyer is not so fatal. And persistence can’t be released if it is knockdown. With the outbreak of Wingstorm, opponents with less than 60% HP can be killed instantly. Tether Blade, Imprison, Dragoncall and Soul Shackle are imprinted skills.

If the opponent is chasing you and you don’t have life-saving skills, you should imprint him, which is to deal with DestroyerRam skill.

In total, above strategy is enough to deal with Destroyer.

Hope this guide can be helpful for your playing Warlock! If you want to buy cheap Blade and Soul gold, BNSGoldSell provides huge stock of Blade and Soul gold with instant delivery and 24/7 live help!

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