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Blade and Soul guide: How to quickly get 500 Attack Power Walkthrough Part 2

This is a quick guide to show how to get a fresh walkthrough 50-500 attack power as soon as possible.

Since a lot of accesorie are low levels, it costs me some time and Blade and Soul gold. It tooke me a week and a half of two weeks to farm. So let me show you a new character and show you what it is.

This character is a Warlock. My Warlock I’ve had for a while its Hongmoon in seven cuz. I do daily challenges everyday. This is part of how farm goals daily challenges of oats. It is a 525 attack power. Now because of that, how many levels I actually got about 20 attack power for my Hongmoon.

Let’ look at my gear. I have the same bracelet. I have my Knight master which is the breaker bracelet. But now I got to level 5 - 10. It doesn’t cot too much to break through a little five but only gets three power attack. It is not really a priority right away and this character has a 50 attack power soul shield. You can buy this from the market. I will have a picture of items you need to use to buy it. You can look them up yourself.

I have the same weapon but no same accessories are now true. These are very expensive. Each one costs about 9 transformation stones as well as a plethora of other materials. When you do love your accessories, you always want to level up necklace first for this specific breakthrough, it gives more attack power than both earing and ring combined. When I level up my character, my goal is to get both breaker bracelet. My soul shield 5-15 attack power. All three accessories a true siren my weapon a true part or we can breathe and plus a 25 attack power gym. That’s sound like a lot. But this is your first character or even an alt. Getting to this point is a lot easier than carrying passes. Any upgrade further from where I am at right now costs a lot of Blade and Soul gold. Once you have that, you can go on do like get the Azzurri so for that other 5 attach there on top of that. Those character add 5 - 25 attack power and having done any Silverforst upgrades at all side from my bracelet which only did once. So it cots me very little in comparison to gearing up passes points. I can get to any group I want, because I am 525 attack power.If you are not a Warlock 525 attack power is very respectful money.

I hope this guide gives it to aim for when you are gearing .

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