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Blade and Soul guide: How to quickly get 500 Attack Power Walkthrough Part 1

This is a quick guide to show how to get a fresh walkthrough 50-500 attack power as soon as possible. A power tariff power is kind of a measure of your damage. Although it is not the most important stature damage, actually the most important critical hit chance increased damage even with very high attack power. If you don’t create, you don’t get a lot of your product and effects that every class benefit from. So crit actually much important, but your groups that you are trying to get into don’t look at your crit. They only look at your attack power and that is why getting into groups to your character gear. The most important thing is a boost your attack power as quickly as possible. It’s not going to create your damage as fast possible. What if you are focusing more on creating crit damage by getting the five hurt API allows you to get into groups for almost every dungeon and by doing that it really opens up a lot of doors to you. So I really show you quick guide how to prioritize your gear to get it really quickly and really consistently.

I am going to show you a couple gear the characters gear up. This is my Blade Master. It is for selling for on level. It has gotten the 25 attack power gem. That is actually the most important thing to get attack power diamonds. That’ jut 25 free attack but if you have a diamond, just jump of 25 attack power is massive. There is about 20 -25 go on the market and what you get for about 20, sometimes about 24. Anything below 25 goals is pretty good deal. Also known as characters Hongmoon once we have no additional attack for my Hongmoon with experience.

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The next thing I look as a soul. I have the basic moonwater soul. This actually could or could not be a good thing. You have two ways to get the soul. Once you get the moon water soul, an upgrade to the Hongmoon soul stage one. While, you could actually get the Hongmoon soul stage 1 directl, but the Hongmoon and stone stage one cot more Blade and Soul gold. You are likely getting about 80 total Blade and Soul gold for upgrade stage 1 verses. About 130 Blade and Soul gold was about 50 goal difference in all depends. If you are willing to farm then you elaborate pieces. Or if you are willing to use up 5 to your tablets. Because many tablets are pretty valuable later. About the point where calendar your tablet? Spending five on all souls.

You have great Hongmoon soul 15 attack. Five on stones and five on ornaments. To get all this whole might cost 3 ornaments. That is about 37 Blade and Soul gold.

The second thing you want your oath breaker bracelet. Now this is not the bracelet you get. Here is the actual upgradeable great Baker bracelet. The power bracelet drops from Blade Shade harbor or you can buy it with 20 pirate and boobs. If you are running late Harper, it doesn’t drop, which is very common. It is a very low drop chance. You might as well buy it with a pirate emblems and get part in the daily and get from doing the daily. 100 Hongmoon coins is about 50 Blade and Soul gold. If you want to buy power bracelet, you can actually convert Blade and Soul gold to Hongmoon coins in quantities in the control C menu. You could just buy it with the part of that. As farming is not a good experience, so I’d rather spend 30 gold and save myself like 50 hours of attempting to farm it.

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