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Blade and Soul Guide: how to kill Swordclaw Spider in Skittering Tunnels

As we know, there are many dungeons in Blade and Soul. Some of them can be finished by personal players, while others are limited for group with 4-player or 6-player. This guide is to introduce a high difficult dungeon - Skittering Tunnels in Blade and Soul. Since Skittering Tunnels is quite hard to complete, I will divide into three parts, each of them is mainly to teach how to kill the three bosses in this dungeon.

In Skittering Tunnels, there are level 40 and 45 mobs. Therefore this dungeon is suitable for players who are over level 43. In my opinion, 4-player mode is recommended. There are three bosses in this dungeon, two small bosses and a final big boss with quality Challenging equipment as decent drop reward. To upgrade the weapon, you need Blade and Soul gold to buy materials for you!

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Dungeon Map

As Skittering Tunnels is direct channel, there are a lot of spider mobs there. To avoid the group not getting wiped out, it is suggested to skill spider mobs one by one.

Then you will encounter the first Boss: Swordclaw Spider.

Swordclaw Spider’ Skills

Normal Attack: Swordclaw Spider attacks the opponent on both sides.

Poison: it can release posion to the tank how holds aggro. Since the poison can kill the player and apply green debuff, you should be careful enough as the health points will decrease according to your attribute.

Spider Silk: it can release a small AOE over the tank who holds aggro, resulting in a temporary immovable state.

Spider Web: Swordclaw Spider can spit a spider web within which the player can only move very slowly. This attack can also cause a huge loss of health points.

Jump: Swordclaw Spider can jump beside the tank who holds aggro and release a small AOE.

Summon: Swordclaw Spider will summon two spider mobs who will use Swordclaw Spider's silk and web.

For Blade Masters, you should players the main tank to hold aggro and you can act as a melee output.

For Destroyer, you should cooperate with other players and release damage output.

For Force Master, you should stand remotely and release damage output.

For Assassin, you should make the Melee output and stack bleed debuffs to control the boss along with other players, which is the same as Force Masters. The player also acts as the main tank to hold aggro towards mobs.

For Kung Fu Master, you can act tank to hold aggro and also you can release melee output.

For Summoner, your cat can withstand the boss’s attack and control it.

The Kung Fu Master can act tank to hold aggro and can cause damage as a melee output.

How to Kill the Boss

Swordclaw Spider is the easiest boss among all the three bosses in Skittering Tunnels. The main tank is only supposed to hold aggro. Players can use the block skill to block all the skills of this boss. Swordclaw Spider can summon two spider mobs, and he will release a circle. At this moment, all classes except the main tank should hold aggro towards spider mobs. When the mobs get killed, you should help the main tank to release output to the boss and stack the bleed debuffs.

When Swordclass get killed, it will drop Spider Accuracy Challenging Soul Shildes number 1 to 4 and level 43 Challenging quality weapons for all the players in the group.

Keep waiting for my update and I will share the experience of the left bosses to defeat in Skittering Tunnels.

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