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Blade and Soul Guide : Dungeon Sogun's Lament

Recommended Group Compositions

To start Dungeon Sogun’s Lament, it is suggested six-player group with two remote players and for melee players. As too many remote players may make it more difficult to kill the boss, the number of remote players should be controlled less than three.

6 - player(the Minimum Requirement)
105% hit rate, 40% crit rate of and 530 attacks, with the effect of resistance Asura mark.

4 - player(the Minimum Requirement)
110% hit rate, 50% crit rate of and 600 attacks, with the effect of resistance Asura mark.

Above are the basic requirement. The best attributes are crit and hit in this dungeon, while the health point doesn’t matter so much.

Gold Kid: high attack, high output and low defense
Silver Kid: high attack, low health points, high defense, and more control

Apart from the normal attack mode, the Gold and Silver Kids also have buff attack mode.

Golden Kid

Normal Attack Mode (one full attack)
Rotary Hammer: all-around attack.
Occasionally replaced as strong attack and linear attack, you can move or avoid invincibly.

Hammer Double Attacks: continuous wave the hammer twice

Shout: linear attack, with additional knockdown and fall.

Golden Hammer Smashing: smash the hammer twice, with a small circle in front of the attack

Buff Attack Mode

Every once in a while, the Gold kid will release a large scale buff to increase its own defense and a deceleration debuff to players. Gold Kid will throw gold bullion to the player more far away from he after the release of buff. If the player gets hit, his point will decrease. He can enter the normal attack mode after God Kid throws two pieces of bullion.

Silver Kid

Normal Attack Mode
Rotation Ax Attack: all-around attack, with additional fall down. Occasionally replaced as strong attack and linear attack, you can move or avoid invincibly.

Rotation Leading Palm: harmless during rotation process, after the rotation Leading Palm straight line attack, additional knock effect, rotation, the player who attacks the Silver Kid will receive dizziness.

Ax Double Attacks: continuous wave the ax twice

Sumo Palms: Linear Attack times as many as a dozen times, reliable mobile or invincible escape.

Buff Attack Mode
After every once in a while, Silver Kid starts to release their own large-scale buff-- substantial increase in self-defense, and to give the player release reduction debuff (players can use skill invincible resistance off). There are six people from the silver children’s audience throwing furthest silver pieces, smash to player to slow down and DOT, high damage for throwing the normal attack mode.


1. When the boss throw bullion, reminded both sides exchange, remote station from the opposite side of each boss farthest distance output own boss, make bullion to remote targets.

2.On both sides to maintain a blood Energizer percentage change position when the boss on both sides as far as possible consistent with the change.

3.Full dual control can be boss, but never arrested.

4. All normal modes can parry attacks.

5. Both sides of the middle of cold flow isolation, did not last as invincible skilled people do not die on the other side, it will be cold directly seconds.

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