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Blade and Soul group P effects fully open configuration steps


  Blade and Soul provides benefits for a novice players, introduces in detail how to open when in Blade and Soul group P effects, analyze the existing mainstream configuration, provides the effective methods for reference.

  If you want to completely without stuck effects fully open at any one time.

  The following are minimum requirements.

  Windows 7 64 bit systems (because only support XP32 bit system 3.25 gb of memory, so suggest that 64 - bit system is best)

  The first is the CPU. More than 640 open nuclear AMD. AMD955 above. I3 more than 2100.

  The second. Memory frequency above 1600 (the higher the frequency, the better, of course). 4G. 8 GB of memory (2 x4G x2G dual channel or 2).

  The third. The graphics card. A card above GTS450 HD5830 N CARDS.

  The fourth. The hard disk. Ordinary mechanical hard disk 7200 RPM. The copy general requirements is not high enough players use mechanical hard disk. But want to crowd more P without stuck effects fully open. Not on solid state drives.

  Many people want to ask why. Don’t blindly to improve the performance of CPU and graphics card. CPU speed depends on the speed of hard disk directly. The memory as a channel.

  I want to say is network game requirement for CPU and graphics card is not so high as you think. So don’t be misled.

  After you solve the problem of the computer, you’d better buy some Blade and Soul gold to improve your equipments and items.

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