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Blade and Soul gameplay parsing


  Although after into combat dodge has nothing to do with you, but the dodge in Blade and Soul is absolutely the coolest of all the online games I experienced, no one of, as the level of ascension, dodge also follow increase, jumping distance farther and farther, action figure also increased a lot, the hand is playing bad.

  But dragon vein is set to hand the residual young can play light achievement, in the map find dragon vein, in the gently point a F key, instantaneous high-energy, characters leap up automatically, to cast out gorgeous light achievement to my gape, this set is really fort, after the familiar with map, arrange course, can make the whole map of dragon vein together, flew regular figure, but have so cool force gravity system of Blade and Soul has a let a person hurt air wall, is really depressing.

  Fighting skills of release relatively easier, keyboard control mode as easy as shooting game, and the actually system also helped me.

  In addition to these, the Blade and Soul also blended in a variety of elements, in blow fly, ground chasing a not fall, joined the minimally invasive new sword out of the setting, this fun set not only the skill instantaneous cooling, also added two can take the initiative to release the skill, more in fighting games following unique system, able to instantly turn to attack each other offense, to make the game with very high playability.

  But under so cool force fighting system, copy of the other makes no difference, and other online games and no use set clever by gravity map and so on.

  With 24 people team can copy is known as a rookie, couldn’t fully embodies the team cooperation, each control technology crush monsters customs clearance directly.

  Anyway, if the game is on the listing, we can have more experience ourselves. So if you want to play this game, you’d better prepared some Blade soul gold, which help to fast leveling and enough to buy the best weapons.

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