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Blade and Soul force master talent detailed explanation (2)


  8. Control strengthening: talent at four point, don’t dispute must point, seen many novice below the force master didn’t point it at two, but the two points below, its control their grasp of BOSS can also respond to internal force while attacking, so controversial that no matter what is the point at four.

  9. Hell: the first phase monomer attack, second phase group, with ground effect, this skill if there is there a copy of the boxer in the basic there is no point to point a bit if a stage play BOSS is enough, heads-up BOSS can order a first order, the second stage is to brush the spider strange only occasionally use.

  10. The wheel: force master hide all big BOSS screen action of invincibility, PVE without reinforcement.

  11. Acquisition of iron cannon: iron cannon level is weak, can remote iron cannon + sweep kick double control, but this kind of control method is slow, and very often a weak man standing behind the BOSS, more troublesome, not be very recommended! Best not to reinforcement, reinforcement PK with two points.

  12. Shock, sweep kick, truncation: shock and truncation PVE cases did not need to strengthen, a stun a knockout, are double control skills. Sweep kick second phase strengthening are useful in any cases, a weak phase, 2 are an unbeatable, in the third period of damage with crushed, basic usage is V + 3.

  13. Hammer improved: improved two-phase coordinate control strengthening, humanoid strange control grasp a hammer back 60 internal force, a single copy of a very useful skill, strengthen depends!

  14. Knees, breaking ground reinforcement: knees cooperate sweep kick strike, is a double control, points out best! Broken away at one stage invincible, applicable to many places, for example, is HuaLan mix wild team play while Mo catch small monsters, hate messing if underground out of a fire, you can press 1 small blame fall off the earth, will not be kneeling fire seconds, another is color in the middle if the output is not request its BOSS, points are being this skill can also avoid the scratches.

  15. The kick to strengthen. This skill PVE really useless! Kick the dizzy and weak ground for 30 seconds, if you attack him up. It’s not much use, do not need to point.

  The relative information can be found in Blade and Soul force master talent detailed explanation (1), more information, keep focus on blade & soul gold, we will try our best to service you.

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