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Blade and Soul force master talent detailed explanation (1)


  1. Wind: wind must point to the 2 phase, the skill 2 phase defense rise by 400%, move speed increased by 1.8 times, is the main reason for the force master blood thick durable, often can be used to eat all kinds of big methods from the boss, no matter what don’t need to point to three phase!

  2. Damage to strengthen: this is the most important way in which the output of the force master: card knife!

  3. Tenchu reinforcement: flat cut under the third skills, there are two kinds of reinforcement, reinforcement is left is to reply to 30 points in internal force to strengthen on the right is bleeding, need 3 point talent, bleeding normally does not need its fold, so to strengthen internal force to go back.

  4. Iron wall: improved to stun skill, go against its skills, because too playing god, being changed into a cast iron wall, broken bolt outside skills will reply remove effect, life so bitter force master stand open shield stamp only boss of four seconds. But the skills are generally used to double halo control the BOSS. Strengthen the full level not dizzy, don’t need to.

  5. Revenge, pier, away, back: (1) revenge: force master got up three skills useful, fall on the ground after the cast, 1.2 seconds if someone attacks you, immediately got up and back, with a knockout, PVE PVP both practical skills. 2) cut the pier and push: the two skills due to basic didn’t PVP, so not too clear, useful skill explanation is that escape the ghost hand and uniforms, have superior force master added under the specific usage. (3) retreat: this ability is there is nothing to say, abnormal state press F direct escape.

  6. Strikers reinforcement and enabled: strikers didn’t childlessness teammates pull up, aside, waited him to meditate for a virtual, protect teammates meditation at the resurrection, has enabled large copy will point talent, strikers can in some maps of BOSS must run far away, pulling haven't childlessness teammates to get away from BOSS to death, province run chart.

  7. Crush strengthening: revision before I used the skills, revised after this skill points at two, dizziness weak ghost hand control under the condition with this skill Z, a crit basic of blood.

  Force master is a powerful career if you have good operation and top weapons, if you want to buy Blade soul gold, here you can get the cheapest and fast delivery. More information about the game, keep focus on us.

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