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Blade and Soul force master card knife output teaching


  In Blade and Soul, only the force master who know how to use card knife can be say is a qualified one. Next, I will bring you the card knife tutorial guides.

  Card knife simply speaking is through certain skills cohesion to cancel these shots hard straight, in the premise of anger, destroy the hit damage instantaneously with flat cut, cut out flat damage instantaneously with destruction, loop until no anger.

  Then how to realize the card knife?

  It’s also the key we discuss today.

  To force master, for the card knife, need to reach level 22, because talent need to point the following points.

  1. The first layer of reinforcement

  Destruction on the internal forces of the accelerated, consumption reduced from 30% to 20%

  2. The first layer of under normal attack strengthened (per hit has 30% internal force responses)

  3. The second layer of reinforcement

  Destruction (casting time reduced)

  To force master, only the card knife is not enough, buy some Blade soul gold to strength the weapons or trigrams is also in need.

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