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Blade and Soul career positioning and recommendation of swordsman


  Swordsman, has handsome appearance and weapons, but there are even more gorgeous sword surgery.

  Swordsman, the human family, and the god family can choose the swordsman, but god family only swordswoman.

  Although other professions also can be used as main tank swordsman is now well-deserved first main tanks in the Blade and Soul gold, because their signature skills, super hard tyrants block.

  Its output as a main tank must occupational considerable laid swordsman indispensable position in Blade and Soul gold.

  In fact played NC, another game AION players will find the swordsman, much like the dual wielding swordsman mark on the sword star.

  A copy can tank can play, but the swordsman unlike the double sword star as only can play a copy, totally can not play PK.

  On the contrary, to PK swordsman, although not as good as subsequently born vocational, spirit swordsman so perverted. Not bad but its excellent skills and other attributes, absolutely in the PK field place.

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