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Blade and Soul career positioning and recommendation of kungfu master


  The kungfu master, can choose the eldar or the deva, but the deva race only the sisters, so if you want to play male kungfu master can only play the eldar (eldar man but when I play, really really really really don’t see myself is a man).

  Kungfu master, the DPS is deserved in Blade and Soul violence, all kinds of comfortable remote output skill, I rub fire, I rub ice, I rub ice, I rub fire, BOSS is in all kinds of chemical reaction heat bilges cold shrink, die off (what is the physical reaction? Well, I admit, I materialized is never too late to die), kungfu master have powerful output, not only because ice prison, kungfu cover, such as skills, and can be quite effective auxiliary help effect (sister play kungfu master, don’t shout, I open hood come in, the brain repair by a group of men would dig feet).

  To PK, kungfu master once a flash in the pan, there is no god when kill deities to kill the Buddha, is jack kill cockroaches, but was immediately NC cruel weakened, less control skills, although the PK is relatively worse, but the game is close to common law system of NC, SO, where is the spring, where is the spring, spring is in the next patch.

  There is no weak career, if you have enough Blade soul gold to buy good equipment and take some exercise, Blade soul gold is that you won’t be weak.

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