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Blade and Soul Bai Qing mountains content preview


  First of all is the grade, temporarily still 45, but from the official revelations, estimates that will open a new level.

  Plot: the road to open

  45 level quests road open, players can through the sea orchid tree village to begin the task, are you still remember the orchid change greatly?

  Asura teach magic skills

  At maple leaf village blacksmith to buy wine “magic soul” then go to asura tower on the second floor to the magic room find asura, complete the task you will acquire the magic skills. Magic skills like level can be upgraded, each progression will add a point.

  Cloud forest forces in the war zone among new 14 000 000 blood field BOSS “wind dragon”.Wind dragon contains 100 spirit, distribution according to contribution to the output. The wind dragon daily reward is different every day.

  In addition added seven horns gem. Add a mysterious props “growth powder” likely related to seven horns gem. Add the new seven horns gem slot pieces.

  Every time there are new content add to the game, will make me feel exciting. What about you?

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