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Blade and Soul assassin PVP reaction operation is important


  In Blade and Soul, assassin’s stealth skill is hugely magnified, sneak, substitute, around flash, dodge sinister, stinger heart can achieve stealth. Strengthen the talent within 2 seconds increased to 99%, almost perfect stealth is not worried about being hit. This is the the the game assassin class role not owned guards effect. However, in order to balance the overly guards stealth trigger condition, NC is also set to stealth assassin is not entirely do not see, but you can see the virtual shadow. This provides an opportunity to other occupations AOE skills play assassin.

  In blade & soul gold, the positioning of the assassin in PVP, harm to the general control and strong, life-saving skills depended on the accurate judgment substitute for surgery, the left and right flash, smoke bombs and other skills, if the substitute surgery deceived, fell to the ground prolapse skills CD many occupational wave COMBO easily taken away, but the assassin strong COMBO technology, as well as the vast amount of control technology decision Assassin in PVP play more with active handling. If your opponent is you complete control, why worry about the crackling? The NC history PVP rank 50 position in about 1/3 to 1/4, and the rankings are more forward, assassin former. High control high fault tolerance, general assassin PVP king is not excessive.

  If you have a good operation and reaction, I think that is not difficult to get started in PVP assassin and achieved good results. After all, the Assassin many COMBO technology can be changed at any time according to their own CD condition, strong adaptability.

  Do you want to be a stronger assassin, you can refer to blade & soul gold for more help.

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