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Best Sole Classes in Blade and Soul

As we all know, there are seven classes in Blade & Soul, respectively Blade Master, Destroy, Kung-Fu Mater, Force Master, Assassin, Destroyer, Summoner and Sword Master. Each class has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy cheap Blade and Soul gold, BNSGoldSell provides a huge stock of cheapest Blade and Soul gold.

First of all, though Assassin doesn’t have powerful AOE skills, he has invisibility skill which can make them to bypass other small monsters and go towards boss directly. This can save a lot time when solo play. Therefore, if you are a speed pursuer, Assassin is the best choice to solo play. However, it is a bit dangerous. Be careful in game.

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Secondly, as Summoner can be considered as a safe solo play class as he has powerful solo abilities. As long as Summoner enters the dungeon, he can complete the dungeon alone. Summoners have strong heal skills with its powerful summoned cat. In addition, experienced summoners can play tricky by using cat to detour the small monsters in front of the boss and go towards boss directly. Then if you don’t want to communicate with others and want to be a solo play, Summoner can be your best choice.

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Thirdly, Blade Master can be considered to be a suitable solo class for players to choose. With Blood Gust, Sword Gust and AOE skills, Blade Master’s solo ability is quite strong. In terms of me, the solo ability become strong when you are skilled Blade Master. Therefore, I don’t suggest new players of Blade and Soul to play solo as Blade Masters as you may not well master how to use Block Counter.

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As for Kung-Fu Master, he can deal high damage to boss and have Block skills, therefore, they can considered as good solo class. As Kung Fu Master is weak in AOE skills and not friendly to new players, it is not the best solo class.

In terms of Destroyer, his abilities to stay alive are scarce plus damage to boss is not so good, therefore, Destroyer is weak at solo play.

Then, how about Sword Master? Sword Master can do well in solo play at early stage. However, when raiding alone, his HP decreases too fast. If you are not skilled, it is not suggested Sword Master be solo player.

Based on above, I think you have a clear clue to choose class as solo class in Blade & Soul. Hope you have fun in Blade and Soul!

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