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Basic introduction of the mashup trigrams


  With maze trigrams (, the endless tower trigrams (3.5.7), asura trigrams (2) to mix.

  According to individual interest to occasionally and difference between professional is use maze trigrams 3 or asura trigrams 3 instead of town trigrams 3, serves asura trigram 1 as a substitute for maze trigrams 1.

  If you do not have the suitable, you can refer to buy blade soul gold for help, we can provide you the trigrams directly or you can use the buy blade soul gold to buy one.

  First, basically use the above information as a foundation to make trigrams can guarantee the stability of the accuracy, penetration and high lethal. For breakthrough results after several walk through a maze, I think still need at least 10 ~ 12%.

  Make all fatal gossip, because you can more crit crit damage probability and ensure quantity, it can also be incorporated into one of the options. Life value the ascent to 20000 and thus hopes to consolidate better stable meat shield players, can be change as mentioned above 1 and 3, the trigrams setting.

  My personal view is that along with the copy of proficiency to ascend, rather than life damage output value should be a priority. Because even destroyed by the regiment combat due to some mistake caused empty in blood, but basically were shot by a life situation is very few.

  According to the situation is different, occasionally with creeps attack on output, if let me choose a deadly and avoid, I will not hesitate choose deadly.

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