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Asura tower boss pose and key points swordsman should note


  The pose of the boss in asura can be divided into three stages.

  1. When before 230 000 blood, it is very slow with full moon chop, thrust could sweep that follow suit on chop is to say, there is a black tiger, retreat from blunt come over, block it direct to him an empty even went, very good to deal with.

  2. When after 230 000 blood, it is possible to appear the dragon’s roar, the whole body is red a aeration, fly then boil cut on your head even start to give you a set of empty, if you haven’t blocked, can GG, this recruit directly seconds you a tube of blood, need special attention. Normal regulations is usually a turtle’s breath, full screen, the one in the ice. Relatively far away from him, and then if you hit, he will be put into the ground that sword.

  Move to the place without ice is ok, then will accept knife straight blunt come over, swordsmen etc, exp a charge knife block, directly after the Meg to block a empty even into heaven. If you are too close to him, will draw out a sword 2 times, to draw out a sword behind you, and then lifted hat avatars, attack immediately begin to release with a flash. The half pipe is in the blood, need special attention, swordsmen generally see direct blocking up and his hat off, and then a flash of time in another block just can finish Meg to block a into heaven. This a play set if hurt enough blood around 160 000, typically the first dragon’s roar to note. Again in the future is the turtle’s breath normal cycle

  3. 8, 90 000 about blood in the future, the dragon’s roar out of the risk is high, may be attached to the two. With stage 2 is the same as the other, swordsmen block technology constantly block thorn god he is ok. If the damage is not enough, to a certain degree BOSS will keep the dragon’s roar, is violent, the dead come back.

  With these, Blade soul gold is sure that you can easily kill the boss, if you still can not, you’d better buy some Blade soul gold to strength your equipments and take more exercise, otherwise, to fight with other boss you will fail, either.

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