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Assassin dominate Blade and Soul joust field


  Assassin still stands in the first place this week and the third is the assassin, it’s still the great player last week, the assassin total number is nine, compared to last week add 2 people, occupied the half, it can be seen that the assassin in single out is really powerful.

  Ranking second is spirit swordsman, total 4 person, compared with last week fell by 1 person, this and last week’s updated when big removed by scraping can be used to escape from the opponent’s control, spirit swordsman big removed when cooperate with 45 day ray can cause high damage, harmony after the equivalent of one less will be the output in joint attack.

  It is worth mentioning that includes the new one this week by proponents, always ranking fifth, as can be seen from the winning percentage is only 57%, and the total number is more, it is hard to fight score, so grow in bettered this sentence is very reasonable.

  Boxer total 2 people, the best is ranked sixth.

  Summoners total 3 people, best time is 7th, relatively not much change last week.

  In addition, swordsman into 20, but only ranking 19, also is a good signal, swordsman finally comes out?

  Finally is force master, maybe last week is too fierce fighting, acid result in hand, so this week to play soy sauce, failed to enter the top 20.

  Swordsman finally take a place in the ranking list, it’s really a good news. Form this we can know that, buy some Blade and Soul gold for the top weapons and trigrams sets play a important role in the PVP mode.

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