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Acura trigrams attribute judgment in Blade and Soul


  If you don’t know the attribute of the trigrams, you can refer to this, but the hidden attribute you have to discover yourself.

  Normal asura god 3 and 7 vice attributes for swordsman to block, because there is no crit vice properties and accuracy.

  Asura god 2, 8 associate attribute desperately of hit the target, because there is no crit.

  Other asura god trigrams are all crit.

  Maze vice properties except 3, 8 + life, other are all crit.

  Mainstream trigrams is divided into three different types, the back is the advanced of the front one, then the end is the characteristic of this type of trigrams.

  Naipaul trigrams-asura trigrams: high crit

  Sea snakes base trigrams-bloody trigrams-maze trigrams: high accuracy and integrated defense properties

  Asura trigrams: high blood

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