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16 tips for novice to no confusion any longer (2)


  Continue to share you the following eight tips for the novice, if you can’t remember what I shared last time can refer to 16 tips for novice to no confusion any longer (1).

  9. The Blade and Soul level up is not very hard, so do not hurry to go and get the equipment faster than the force.

  10. The business operations of the equipment and material. Can not be the object of business is business shown above no business business. No display equipment business operations business is business. The time to pay attention to business, business equipment and material. Obtained through the dial and some copies of equipment is not the business of business.

  11. Although the auction houses in the mission premises can buy objects, but only sold in the stack brilliance object. Mail is the same. Whether to sell or absorb of the object should be charged.

  12. Copy, especially late copy. Cooperate with your teammates will be very important, especially the pioneering group resistance under the heart to fight it slowly and resumes are from no accumulation in several times death. Restraint techniques must be used at the right time. The most commonly used is the knockout.

  13. The people select the swordsman should be the most, so when you choose the career you should depend on your own ability.

  14. Business is business, and use the auction house, mail, are required in 15 since then finish the practice task before.

  15. Choice of trigram and jewelry, do not blindly pursue crit, although the stack crit lets you output promoted many big monsters also cool, but not suitable for copy.

  16. Camp tasks can do every day to do it, you can change later to a good equipment.

  Skill is important, but not the only thing which affect your performance, so if you want to buy some Blade and Soul gold, please remember bnsgoldsell.com, we will keep waiting for you.

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