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16 tips for novice to no confusion any longer (1)


  Maybe Blade and Soul is going to on market very soon, so many players have not played the game is also actively want to watch the Blade and Soul videos and read the raiders. Then following on to bring Blade and Soul novice essential tips. Maybe you should prepare some blade & soul gold at first, so that you can be the best in the game. At our website, you can get the cheapest price and the fastest delivery.

  1. When leaving the team or severance walking team in the copy will direct efferent copy. Team to do the task’s, pay attention to if all the teammates have completed the task before leaving the team.

  2. Costumes into neutral clothing and camp clothes. The difference is that read bar time camp clothes to take off when there will be five seconds. Neutral directly take off did not read the article. Some people like to kill novice. If you do not want to be killed, note that the wearing clothes is not a camp clothes.

  3. Blade and soul creeps the diffuse derivative and task items enlist point is not beta people when defensive point and so refresh it. Of course, you can quickly into the class, walking in front of the mighty team. Slowly, walking behind the mighty team.

  4. Vice occupational grades to be able to learn immediately started to learn it, what are the hit of the material lost store sorry, keep very accounted backpack. Deputy occupational grade but the object is to make money.

  5. Wild boss after killing them you can get the essence (if you output to reach the line), essence is used to change turntable trigram weapons and costumes.

  6. Team easily understood the auction object depends not what you use, not if you do not tender vacate players. Career marked consultation and players who wants it.

  7. Trigram synthesis to pay attention, the same the set trigram can not be used as a synthetic material, differences in grade difference in ranking, the differences between types, and even differences in the parts of the material gossip-based trigram additional properties are differences, just elect additional high together it. Powder synthesis by analyzing trigram. Synthesizer may be a copy in the fall to get through the the more trigram dissect blue small probability.

  8. Task points marked on the maps, you can not find on the ground, look up into the sky you will find it.

  Blade & soul gold wish you a good time playing games.

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