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100% Safe, Legit
Bnsgoldsell.com is a safe bns gold shop , which is highly rated by client's trust.
Anti-SPAM Ads
Bnsgoldsell will NEVER SPAM INGAME FOR SALE, we know ingame sensitive words using like buy bns gold, fast delivery will be tracked by endanger you account.
Fast Gold
95% orders can be completed within 30mins , face to face delivery or AH buyout delivery.
VIP Gold
Register as member, we'll record every order and provide best service, once order total hits certain amount, you'll get exclusive disount, please read VIP Program.

How can I become your member?

You can register on our website as an honored member via any valid email address. As soon as you have registered successfully, you will receive an email for confirmation.

Why should I become the member of BNSGoldSell.com?

You can enjoy the rewards below as soon as you have become one of our members:

1. Order track --- Members who logged in for any orders will not need to fill in the character and server name any more (As long as you have updated the information).

2. Quick Order --- Members who logged in for any orders will not need to fill in the character and server name any more (As long as no changes).

3. Birthday Gift --- Members of BNSGoldSell can get birthday gifts,5-10 consumable points in your personal account, log inour site during the 7 days of your birthday to active it and use it as soon as you could.

4. Holiday Gifts --- You will get a holiday gift during the international festivals (likeChinese Nation Day, New Year's Day, Christmas Day and so on).

5. Save up to 10% ---The members whose points up to 2000 can enjoy a 10% off as you log infor any orders.

6. Use points to discount --- Every member can use yourconsumable points (Not more than 10% of the amount youneed to pay) to save money.

How to earn points?

1. New registered members can get 50 accumulated points.

2. Every 24hours log-in can get 5 accumulated points.

3. Completing your personal information to get 8 accumulated points.

4. Each of your consumption on our site can be converted to points. (1 USD=1.0 Consumable point; 1 EUR=1.2 Consumable points; 1 GBP=1.3 Consumable points) and 2% of the consumption as consumable points for your next order.

6. “Like” our Facebook can get 10 accumulated points.

Does the points has expire time?

Yes, we will clear all the points at the end of the year; you all can use your points in advance.

Grade Accumulated Points Rank Consumable Points Gain Accumulated Points Birthday Gifts Discount
Squire 1--500 Consumed money * (F2F 2%, AH5%) Consumed money * (USD=1, EURO*1.2, GBP=1.3)*1 5 Consumable points 0
Knight 500-2000 Consumed money * (USD=1, EURO*1.2, GBP=1.3) * 1.5 10 Consumable points 5%off
Lord >2000 Consumed money * (USD=1, EURO*1.2, GBP=1.3) * 2 10Consumable points 10%off

Tips: What about set default? Insert your Game\Server\Class\Character\Telephone, and then you don’t need to input such information any more when you are purchasing , the system will default it.

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